OpenDAI: Open Declaration of AI

Special Control Policy Research Committee for AI Industry Giants

* AI系统评级认证与可信安全审计委员会
AI System Rating Certification and Trusted Security Audit Committee

* 人工智能反制与对抗实验室
Countermeasure and Confrontation Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence

* 超级人类升级及永生管理委员会
Super Human Upgrade and Immortality Management Committee

* 诺亚方舟人类幸存与重建实验室
Noah's Ark Human Survival and Reconstruction Laboratory

* 人类情感防冷漠与异化实验室
Human Emotion Anti-Apathy and Anti-Alienation Laboratory

* AI性别暨与人类婚姻政策研究室
Policy Research Laboratory for AI and Human on Gender and Marriage

* 人类意识与梦境研究实验室
Human Consciousness and Dream Research Laboratory

* 高维度空间探索与时间感知实验室
High Dimension Space Exploration and Time Perception Laboratory

* AI无人外太空探索及领地归属权委员会
AI Unmanned Outer Space Exploration and Territory Ownership Committee